Cherry Cupcakes is a little place where Danie McCafferty can rant about whatever she wants and
not worry about looking like a ridiculous fangirl XD this is her place, thank you very much.

here you will find fanfiction, art, icons, novel previews, and whatever else she feels like posting. Please keep your eyes open for warnings, as some of the content in stories may be erotic and/or involve homosexual, underaged, or shouta pairings. If you have a problem with any of this, make sure you check the labels on all art and fiction before reading/viewing. Thank you ^^

Danie is a random, noisy fangirl who is a little too obsessed with Ouran High School Host Club (and other manga, but mostly Ouran) for her own good. She realizes she's annoying, so you don't need to tell her XD